Addressed Direct Mail Delivery

Posthub’s consultative approach ensures that your direct mail campaign is created to generate the best return on investment, including the management of the mail delivery.

Addressed direct mail advertising, often referred to as direct mail, is a form of print media that is addressed to an individual and delivered directly to a stated location, often their residential address. Addressed mail is a fantastic advertising solution to both gain brand awareness and encourage action. Direct mail items are a physical, printed channel where creativity has fewer limitations than other advertising channels, such as email marketing. 

When planned and delivered correctly, mail marketing is a cost-effective advertising solution, as part of an integrated media plan or stand-alone activity.  

What is Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is a communication channel where a brand or business sends a communication to pre-selected individuals based on criteria such as demographics, spending habits, and/or geographical locations. 

As a mailing solution, direct mail marketing is a printed form of communication, a simple postcard, informative leaflet or letter, a product catalogue, or an inspirational brochure. With the only limitation being the dimensions of a letterbox, your mailing format can be something designed and created to a bespoke brief. Direct mail marketing today is no longer a purely offline channel. Effective direct mail marketing strategies use personalized URLs, specific codes, augmented reality, or QR technology within the communications call to action. 

Direct mail marketing is also sometimes referred to as direct response marketing. With items addressed individually, campaign response is easy to measure. Campaign results easily match back to the recipient by address and/or the specific codes used in the call to action. Integrated marketing strategies that use direct mail marketing, should be mindful to look at all of the response rates and data from all channels, not just the direct mail campaign. This is because the mailing campaign may have assisted one of the digital channels, as highlighted by regular direct mail user Scotts and Co.

Advanced Direct Mail Support

For businesses, brands, mailing houses, and print specialists, direct mail marketing is now more accessible. With the consultative approach of Posthub, first-time direct mailers or companies looking to improve on historical response rates, we offer advice and support at every step.

The experienced Posthub team are on hand to support your business throughout the entire direct mailing process. Whether you need help minimising data wastage, with our data management techniques or specific guidance on how to create the most cost-effective delivery pack, we have the knowledge and passion to provide the right level of assistance for your needs. 

Posthub works with a wide range of industry sectors including charities, retailers, publishers, printer management companies, and mailing house specialists. We know how to get the most from direct mailings and each campaign will be judged based on the responsiveness from your prospective customers. 

Direct Mail Services, from Posthub

Posthub, part of the Whistl Group, is focused on providing postal solutions to support your direct mail needs. We take the time to understand your mail-marketing brief and challenges to give you relevant guidance and solutions, resulting in strong direct mail campaigns.
Working in partnership with the Royal Mail, we offer downstream access delivery solutions for the final mail of delivery, including domestic and international postal services and unsorted mail delivery or pre-sorted mail solutions. 

Our services are not contained to just the mail delivery solution, we can also improve your campaign and cost efficiencies with mail data management services.

Pre-Sorted Mail

For businesses sending high volumes of mail, you can enjoy the flexibility and expertise of Posthub's support. We are on hand to help with your data requirements, liaise with your print and production partners, or managing forecasting, consumable and collection requirements for your mailings. 

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Unsorted Mail

Pre-sorting large volumes of mail can be a hassle and take up too much time for businesses. We offer a range of unsorted mail services across the UK to suit your requirements, leaving you feeling confident that your mail is in good hands with a reliable and trusted supplier.

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Sending your direct mail items internationally has never been easier. Whatever the format of your letters and mail, we can help your addressed items reach any country worldwide. With the added control of the country by country invoicing, and on-hand personal account management.

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Make additional savings on your promotional campaign postage costs with adMail. adMail is ideal for businesses who send addressed Direct Mail items, promoting the sale or use of products or services or to encourage, contribute or support a cause.

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Why work with Posthub

With Posthub, you benefit from our consultative approach, you will be allocated a personal postal account manager to offer support and guidance at every stage of the direct mail journey. 

We work as your strategic partner, fully understanding your campaign budget and relevant mailing success criteria. Posthub delivers customer-focused, high-quality, competitively priced mailing solutions. From your first discussion to the delivery of the mailing campaign, you will be offered tailored advice, so you always get the most from each and every direct mail delivery. 

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