Posthub can help your publisher and magazine campaigns increase advertising opportunities, with reliable direct mail.

Why Publishers use Direct Mail

Addressed items or Direct Mail can create a more personal touch, with the ability to personalise a creative to a recipient and their location. Direct Mail can create more standout for your brand, cutting through some of the digital channels your compeitors might be using.

Direct Mail can play a pivotal role within the advertising media mix for publishers. This could allow standalone channel marketing or more integrated multi-channel planning to work alongside your other channels, such as social, PPC or radio.

With the right data and relevant messaging your Direct Mail message will be relevant, encouraging action. With Posthub’s consulative and practical support your publisher communications can be delivered to the audience most likely to purchase your products or services.

Publisher Direct Mail Campaign Examples:

  • Sample mini-magazines or extracts of book such as the first chapter
  • Brand Awareness Leaflets for digital sign up – for example Audible or Readly
  • Promotional Items or Giveways with details on how to subscribe


  • 91% of all mail sent in the publishing sector is engaged with in some way (opened, read, sorted, put aside)*
  • 60% of people said that reading print magazines is more enjoyable**

*JICMAIL ** Lightspeed/Mintel


Posthub’s Publisher Support

Posthub offers both practical and consultative guidance for all aspects of the Direct Mail process, from the initial brief to the final delivery.

Posthub is focused on providing solutions to support you and your business. With nearly 100 years of combined experience in the industry, the Posthub team will seamlessly and confidently guide your mailing campaign through the postal journey from planning to delivery. Our client-focused experts will simplify the complexity of your data and mail requirements to give you the best customer experience.

Posthub provides consultative and hands-on support, for impactful direct marketing campaigns

Mail Management & Delivery

Support across all elements of the direct mail process including the management of the delivery.

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Data Services

Posthub offers data services to help your company get the most out of your marketing budget.

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Additional Services

Supporting you through all aspects of the Direct Mail process, including Print, Production and Fulfilment.

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Benefits of Direct Mail for Publishers  

  • Cost-Effective

Direct mail marketing can be a very cost-effective channel, Posthub works with you to determine your campaign timings, volumes and delivery costs. With access to the best-in-class delivery partners, we work within your budget and access all of the most relevant incentives and promotions to give you the best return on investment available.

  • Tangibility

By delivering something physical your publishing brand has a real opportunity to stand out and grab the recipients attention, to gain new customers, reactivating old customers or improve existing customer loyalty.

In an increasingly digital world, the delivery of a physical item could create a catalyst to getting your target audience to take an action. With less creative restrictions of space and time than some of your digital marketing channels, your creative format can be personalised to the reader. It can highlight examples of titles that they could like, and create a bespoke call to actions such as specific price promotions for book or title bundles.

  • Audience Profiling

With direct mail, there are a number of targeting options available to create your delivery file. This can be using existing data or sourced data to create your audience. With direct mail, specific target segments can be identified for media relevance, awareness and even previous or forecasted spend/consumption on titles.

  • Integrated Multi-Media Opportunity

Direct Mail can play a pivotal role within the advertising media mix Its physical form can create memorability and target the relevant audiences, increasing purchase intent.

The geographical nature of targeting an address and recipient can create a strong base for cross-channel marketing with greater reach and more opportunities for brand engagement.

  • Creativity

With direct mail, your brand has more opportunities to create strong recall and even a sensory experience. This creative approach could provide direct connection and experience for the retailer with the recipient. Whether this is through the use of the branding colours, shapes or images, different textures in print finishes or even inclusion of a specific scent or taste through integrated sampling techniques.

If your creative brief calls for something different to gain attention, your direct mail campaign doesn’t have to comply with the traditional approach. With today’s direct mail print techniques your final item has minimal creative restrictions. Take a look at some creative examples here. 

Example Case Study: The Times


89% of new Times subscribers dropped their subscriptions after the initial three-month (over-generous) promotional offer ended.

  • The goal: to increase retention by 10%


The Times showed its subscriber audience of committed broadsheet readers (50+, rarely looked at the papers online) how it was a great daily newspaper and so much more. The antique-looking mail pack with the intriguing line: ‘Your Times Membership has been backdated to 1 January 1785’ showed the full value of a Times subscription. Read the full case study here


  • Churn dropped from 89% to 68%
  • An additional 2108 people went on to pay the full subscription price (£7 a week for 12 months)
  • £767,312 of incremental annual revenue.

The Times Direct Mail Case Study.jpg

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