Posthub can help publishers and magazines to increase revenue opportunities, with cost-effective postal campaigns.

Why Publishers Use Postal Campaigns

Addressed mail items (Direct Mail) can create a more personal touch, with the ability to personalise a creative to a recipient and their location. Postal campaigns can create more standout for your brand, cutting through some of the digital channels your competitors might be using.

Mailshots can play a pivotal role within the advertising media mix for publishers. This could allow standalone channel marketing or more integrated multi-channel planning to work alongside your other channels, such as social, PPC or radio.

With the right mailing data and relevant messaging, your publisher's postal campaign message will encourage action. With Posthub’s consultative and practical support, your magazine delivery or catalogue mailing can be delivered to the audience most likely to purchase your products or services.

Publisher Mailing Campaign Examples:

  • Direct Mail delivery to monthly magazine subscribers
  • Sample mini-magazines or extracts of a book, such as the first chapter
  • Brand Awareness Leaflets for digital sign-up – for example, Audible or Readly
  • Promotional Items or Giveaways with details on how to subscribe

Publishing Mail Facts

  • 91% of all mail sent in the publishing sector is engaged with in some way (opened, read, sorted, put aside)*
  • 60% of people said that reading print magazines is more enjoyable**
  • 5:32 minutes is the average attention time given to magazines (across a 28-day period)*
  • 3:06 minutes is the average attention time given to catalogues (across a 28-day period)*

*JICMAIL ** Lightspeed/Mintel

Posthub’s Publisher Support

Posthub supports and specialises in both business-to-business and business to consumer publications, ensuring that your catalogues, magazines, newspapers, or supplements are managed and delivered on time to your audience, within the UK or even internationally (if required).

With a strong base of publishing clients across retailers, e-commerce, trade magazines and consumer titles, we have the knowledge and experience to manage the delivery of your publication throughout the mailing process, so items arrive with recipients when required.

Our publisher support services include:

We have found the customer service excellent from Posthub, our Account Manager and the whole team offer a fantastic service. They are quick to respond to any questions, changes or queries we may have and are always able to produce a solution.

They care about the work that goes out and share the same dedication as we do to providing a quality service. Our Account Manager is always on hand to provide any analysis that we made need to enable us to make the right choices for our needs as a company.

Anne Louds, Subscriptions Project Manager, Warners Group Publications

When issues have arisen, due to lateness on our side, the Posthub team have got into the issues and resolved, often going above and beyond to ensure that the problems and issues disappeared. When you match this alongside the improved pricing, we look back at a decision well made.

Steven O’Hara, Book Publisher, Mortons Media Group Limited

Posthub's Mail Management and Mail Delivery Services 

Sorted Mail

For businesses sending high volumes of letters and mail items, you can enjoy the flexibility and expertise of Posthub's support. On hand to help with your data requirements, liaise with your print and production partners, or managing forecasting, consumable and collection requirements for your mailings. 

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Unsorted Mail

Pre-sorting large volumes of mail can be a hassle and take up too much time for businesses. We offer a range of unsorted mail services across the UK to suit your requirements, leaving you feeling confident that your mail is in good hands with a reliable and trusted supplier.

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Sending your direct mail items internationally has never been easier. Whatever the format of your letters and mail, we can help your addressed items reach any country worldwide. With the added control of the country by country invoicing, and on-hand personal account management.

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Make additional savings on your promotional campaign postage costs with adMail. adMail is ideal for businesses who send addressed Direct Mail items, promoting the sale or use of products or services or to encourage, contribute or support a cause.

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Partially Addressed Mail

A GDPR compliant form of direct mail. Partially addressed items are created and delivered without the use of personal data, delivered to units of c.15 homes (postcode).

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Unaddressed Mail

Doordrop media is a form of unaddressed advertising mail. It is a GDPR compliant way to increase brand awareness, customer engagement, acquisition or loyalty.

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Mail Data Services

Posthub offers mail data services including mailing sortation to data cleansing, to help your company get the most out of your marketing budget.

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FREE Mailing Data Health Check

Posthub will screen your data to identify any possible compliance issues. We will provide you with a FREE no-obligation report and you only pay for the services you require

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Benefits of Direct Mail for Publishers  

  • Cost-Effective

Direct mail marketing can be a very cost-effective channel, Posthub works with you to determine your campaign timings, volumes and delivery costs. With access to the best-in-class delivery partners, we work within your budget and access all of the most relevant incentives and promotions to give you the best return on investment available.

  • Tangibility

By delivering something physical your publishing brand has a real opportunity to stand out and grab the recipients attention, to gain new customers, reactivating old customers or improve existing customer loyalty.

In an increasingly digital world, the delivery of a physical item could create a catalyst to getting your target audience to take an action. With less creative restrictions of space and time than some of your digital marketing channels, your creative format can be personalised to the reader. It can highlight examples of titles that they could like, and create a bespoke call to actions such as specific price promotions for book or title bundles.

  • Audience Profiling

With direct mail, there are a number of targeting options available to create your delivery file. This can be using existing data or sourced data to create your audience. With direct mail, specific target segments can be identified for media relevance, awareness and even previous or forecasted spend/consumption on titles.

  • Integrated Multi-Media Opportunity

Direct Mail can play a pivotal role within the advertising media mix Its physical form can create memorability and target the relevant audiences, increasing purchase intent.

The geographical nature of targeting an address and recipient can create a strong base for cross-channel marketing with greater reach and more opportunities for brand engagement.

  • Creativity

With direct mail, your brand has more opportunities to create strong recall and even a sensory experience. This creative approach could provide direct connection and experience for the retailer with the recipient. Whether this is through the use of the branding colours, shapes or images, different textures in print finishes or even inclusion of a specific scent or taste through integrated sampling techniques.

If your creative brief calls for something different to gain attention, your direct mail campaign doesn’t have to comply with the traditional approach. With today’s direct mail print techniques your final item has minimal creative restrictions. Take a look at some creative examples here. 

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