Creative Direct Mail Ideas

October 2020

Creative Direct Mail Designs That Drive Reponses

Direct Mail in essence is a piece of paper that goes through the letterboxes of your customers and prospects. What you do with that piece of paper will be the difference between a strong campaign and a wasted budget.

You may see printed media as old fashioned, or even boring, so here at Posthub, we have pulled together some great examples of how far you can take the medium, and show the true possibilities of Direct Mail, and print advertising.

Creative Direct Mail Ideas

Gothenburg’s Rough Letters Drive Donations

Cold winters can be deadly for the homeless. That’s why Gothenburg Homeless Aid wanted a hard hitting way of boosting its Christmas donations. They used a very simple letter appealing for donations but got creative by leaving the letters on the streets overnight. These instantly stood out on the doormat, drove home the important message and drove over £160,000 of donations.

Rough Direct Mail

The Bank Of New Zealand Sends Cash To Make Cash

The Bank Of New Zealand were looking to increase mortgage lending and home loan enquiries so looked to Direct Mail for help. Using printed media, but with a twist, they sent $1000 of shredded cash to demonstrate the wastage of hard earned money with other banks. Proof that money talks, enquiries went up by 13% overall.

Direct Mail Bank example

Not On The High Street drives online using print and technology 

Direct Mail drives consumers online and with the help of some clever offline to online technology, Not On The High Street proved just that. Using AI, the online retailer integrated their paper catalogue with their online app. A consumer simply used their phones cameras to scan a product to reveal it on their device removing the need to search.

Online Retail Direct Mail

Royal Mail Reach Out To Marketeers With An Edible Letter 

Direct Mail possibilities are truly endless and Royal Mail wanted to prove just that by practicing what they preach. They reached out to marketer’s to explain how print media can engage all the sense with an edible letter made of the finest chocolate.

Edible Direct Mail

Benefit Uses Direct Mail To Retarget Online Users

Connecting customer journeys with your printed media helps drive response rates. Benefit Cosmetics did just that by personalising their Direct Mail items based on users search history online. Identifying products the user had been looking at within a personalised letter reduced abandoned baskets and increased eyebrow product sales by 37%.

Retargeted Direct Mail

Get Creative With Your Own Campaigns

No matter what industry you are in, we would love to hear your print ideas and bring them to life with a professionally planned Direct Mail campaign. Talk to us today and see how we can manage everything from high quality print to final mile delivery.

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