Guidance for Sustainable Mail

September 2022

Customers are increasingly basing their purchasing decisions on how environmentally friendly they perceive a business to be and customers are increasingly favouring brands with a commitment to sustainability.

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Source: MarketReach. Using mail more sustainably

Top Tips for Sustainable Mail

  • Choose the right suppliers: Find like-minded suppliers who share your goals and consider the accreditations they hold. 
  • Clean data reduces waste: Check your database is accurate and up-to-date. 
  • Maximise response rates: Ensure the overall look and feel of your mailing is designed to attract your audience.
  • Choose a mail piece design/format: Choose a design that reduces waste in the production process. 
  • Choose the right paper stock: Buy paper from sustainable paper sources and carbon-balancing schemes.
  • Production process impact: The production process comes with environmental costs but also consider your paper and ink choices. 
  • Your postal supply chain footprint: Whistl and Royal Mail have their own set of incentives to reduce emissions, such as deploying electric vans
  • Encourage recycling: Make it clear that your item can be recycled by using an industry-known symbol.

Sustainable Mail Guidance

Applicable to Advertising, Business Mail and Subscription Mail products for both sorted, and unsorted items.

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