What is Postal Management?

October 2021

Managing the full process of a postal campaign can be time-consuming and complex for most businesses. From defining the target audience to getting it to reach their homes whilst ensuring it is visually attractive making it an impactful return on investment for your campaign. 

Therefore, many businesses will work with an experienced postal provider, like Posthub, who can help you to manage your campaign from planning through to final delivery. 

What does Postal Management mean?
Postal Management is the process undertaken by a logistics specialist or delivery management company who is appointed to manage the complete process of any postal campaign from planning and data health, all the way through to delivery. They take the complicated parts of your postal marketing campaign and navigate you through to plan and achieve effective and impactful mailings.

Why do companies choose a Postal Management specialist? 
There are many factors as to why a business will choose a postal management specialist to work with when looking to use direct mail as part of their marketing mix:

  • To help them with elements of mailing and who can also provide the final delivery of the campaign. 
  • Data cleansing for GDPR
  • For companies looking for a specialist to deal with elements of mailing, including the final delivery of the items
  • Improving cost efficiencies through buying power
  • Looking at posting items in the UK and Internationally 
  • Ensures the efficient running of all your postal operations.

At Posthub we can handle all the required mailing duties, which can include sorting and dispatching all types of mail.

What are the different stages involved with Posthub for a Postal Campaign?
There are many stages of the journey for a mailing campaign. 

  1. A customer or business places an order
  2. The client outlines their target audience and creates a data list for the best ROI
  3. The customer provides the creative format to be printed for the campaign and advises if printing of the item is needed or if items will be supplied printed
  4. Posthub reviews your campaign data and creates the relevant mail sortation needs based on postcodes provided in your mailing data list
  5. If required Posthub can advise on a suitable mailing house 
  6. Posthub will support the item production process, by monitoring each aspect of the postal journey
  7. Mail processing, whether items are for international audiences, partially address or undressed door drop items.  Posthub prepares and processes the mail for final delivery
  8. Posthub manages the mail through the Whistl network and into the Royal Mail or relevant partner for the final item to be delivered
  9. Your campaign is delivered to your targeted homes and businesses

How Posthub work

Posthub, part of the Whistl Group, are focused on providing the best mailing solutions to support you and your business. With a combined experience of nearly 100 years in the industry, our client-focused experts will simplify the complicated side of your data and mail requirements to give you the most fluid experience.

Posthub offers complete support from the initial stage in postal planning and advice, with full campaign management right through to the final mailing delivery. We do this by providing you with a dedicated account manager who will personally coordinate requirements by supporting you and your brand through the Posthub journey. Your personal Postal Manager will manage every step of the way from final design to delivery or any part of the mail journey required.

Why Posthub?

In addition to access to the UK’s leading mail delivery network, you benefit from our buying power to create more cost-efficient mailings. Posthub customers have access to a wide range of mailing and postal services, including managed parcel deliveries, GDPR compliant Partially Addressed Mail and even unaddressed Doordrop Media

We understand the desire of every business to improve customer service, which is why our software is aimed at making sure your post arrives where it should when it should. With Posthub, we help select the right mailing service or product based on your campaign items and volumes, with mailing data services to meets all GDPR requirements.

Whatever you are looking to deliver we have a service to support your business.

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