Partially Addressed Mail 

What is Partially Addressed Mail?

Partially Addressed Mail is a GDPR compliant form of direct mail. Partially addressed items are created and delivered without the use of personal data. Campaigns are planned to units within the postcode and street level of the address. Instead of a recipients name details items are delivered with a creative hook, campaign name or addressed to 'the occupier' to accompanying the remaining address details.

The final delivery of any partially addressed campaign is made by the Royal Mail. Posthub work in close partnership with the Royal Mail, to ensure that all items are planned and managed to the point of handover for the final delivery. Posthub’s consultative and management approach gives your advertising mail campaign the greatest success in creating both reach and impact with your selected target audience.

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Why is Partially Addressed Mail good for advertisers?

  • Highly targeted and pinpoints potential consumers within desired geographical areas by of units of 15 homes (demographics, spending habits or behaviour)
  • Cost-effective with reduced rates for postage and no requirement to buy data resulting in a data cost saving of an estimated 5-10p an item
  • Increases reach of 30%, allowing more impact for the message to touch more potential customers when compared to cold list mailings
  • Helps increase acquisition so they can win new customers and increase brand awareness with targeted promotions, offers and valued information
  • Fully GDPR-compliant targeting households, not people
Advertising Mail

What is the difference between Partially Addressed Mail and Direct Mail?

  • Partially addressed mail does not target an individual at any point in the targeting or postal delivery process. Instead, pieces use the address detail for the recipients to receive the postal piece and are addressed to ‘The Occupier’ or have used a marketing strapline or hook such as `The remote control boss' or 'The holiday dreamer' in place of the recipient’s name.

  • Direct Mail is addressed to the individual and requires personal data for both the targeting, data scheduling and final postal delivery of the mailing piece.

How do you create a mailing schedule and target audience for Partially Address Mail?

The selection of the homes that you would like to include within your mailing, is generally driven by the existing data or the required audience profile. Once the audience has been identified, as a profile or audience model, the concentration of the audience is identified within the geographical areas of interest. This could be specific regions, towns or localised areas.

The final postal schedule is at postcode level for the selection with the highest concentration of your originally determined audience. Partially addressed mail also includes the consideration of any homes that have opted out of receiving addressed mail, in exactly the same way a direct mail campaign would exclude these homes.

A full postcode is a unit of approximately 15 homes, all of these homes will receive the partially addressed mailing, minus any agreed exclusions.


How creative can my Partially Addressed Mail campaign be?

The campaign material must comply with the Royal Mail Advertising Mail specifications and a clear declaration must be highlighted on the item

This is a statement to be printed on the item 'No personal data about recipients has been used in the creation of this mailing’, as shown.

There is a lot of creative freedom with this printed channel to allow you as a business and brand to test different formats, colours and straplines. The creative should be reflective of both your brand and have the ability to create a strong connection with your target audience, to ensure maximised engagement and encourage the required action, you are asking them to make.  


When and how is a Partially Addressed Mail campaign delivered?

The delivery of the advertising campaign material can be planned over specific dates or days, based on your requirements and brief.

Delivery of the items is made by the Royal Mail, for the final delivery to the selected delivery schedule. 

Your campaign material will be delivered alongside traditional addressed mail items which could be either business mail or advertising direct mail, targeted to the properties within your selected campaign areas. Unaddressed, door drop material could also be delivered alongside these items if these homes within the same day or same week.

Posthub will work with you to support in the considerations listed above, our consultative approach will aim to provide all the guidance needed, to create the best return in investment for your advertising campaign.  

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