Why Publishers Use Postal Delivery Solutions

June 2023

In marketing today, it could be easy to assume that online marketing and social media have taken over media planning for advertisers today. However, despite the prevalence of digital marketing, many publishers still need to rely on postal solutions to reach their subscribers and target audience. This article will explore why the traditional postal approach remains an effective marketing strategy for publishers.

1. Tangibility and Personal Touch
One of the main reasons publishers continue to use postal delivery campaigns is the tangible nature of physical mail. Creating well-designed and personalised mail can connect the recipient and the sender. This personal touch can be difficult to replicate through digital means, where emails and social media messages can sometimes get lost in the noise of the online world.

2. Targeted Marketing
Postal delivery solutions allow publishers to target specific demographics and locations with ease. Publishers can send promotional materials directly to those most likely interested in their products using mailing lists and customer data. This targeted approach can result in higher conversion rates and a better return on investment than general digital marketing strategies.
3. High Engagement Rates
Studies have shown that direct mail has a higher engagement rate than digital marketing channels. The JICMAIL research report published in June 2023 highlighted that magazines generate over five and a half minutes of attention and catalogues just over three minutes. Insights were based on a year-long panel study, averaging over 28 days.

Time spent magazines.png

The physical tangibility of magazines and catalogues increases the likelihood of the mailing being opened and read compared to some digital channels. This increased engagement can lead to higher response rates and, ultimately, more sales for publishers.

4. Integration with Digital Marketing
Due to the geographical nature of postal delivery planning, mailing campaigns can be integrated into the digital marketing strategy to create a cohesive and comprehensive marketing plan. For example, a publisher could send a magazine mailer with relevant QR codes that lead to specific products for consumers to buy. This combination of offline and online marketing can reinforce the publisher's message and increase the overall effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

Conclusion Publishers Benefit from Postal Deliveries
Postal delivery campaigns remain a powerful marketing tool for publishers. The tangible nature of direct mail, targeted marketing capabilities and high engagement rates all contribute to the ongoing success of postal campaigns. By integrating these campaigns with digital marketing strategies, publishers can create a well-rounded and effective marketing plan that reaches their target audience and drives sales. 

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