Posthub go above and beyond for Mortons

February 2022

Mortons Media Group are an independent printing and publishing company, producing a large range of magazine titles. They began working with Posthub to benefit from cost savings.

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The Posthub team were able to pull together costs that matched their budget and delivery requirements.  Following a smooth transition, service levels were maintained, and costs improved.

"Having decided to review the market we went about looking at the key suppliers in this field, Posthub being one of the main options. This quickly moved to a price review, which Posthub improved on our previous supplier. We then went into a process of due diligence to ensure that Posthub could deliver to both ours and our customers expectation. Having established that they could, we signed to transfer our business to Posthub.

That’s when the work really started, so we initially set up sessions and timings for the transfer, our objectives and data were provided to allow this to go through as smoothly as possible. Weekly catch ups ensured that the Posthub team had what they needed to guarantee our customers’ expectations were met. This process worked fantastically and with no issues we are now fully embedded into the system, people and timings of all activity."

When issues have arisen, due to lateness on our side, the Posthub team have got into the issues and resolved, often going above and beyond to ensure that the problems and issues disappeared. When you match this alongside the improved pricing, we look back at a decision well made.

Steven O’Hara, Book Publisher, Mortons Media Group Limited

Mortons Media Group Case Study


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