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How is Direct Mail used for Charitable Campaigns?

Not-for-profit companies, such as charities and fundraising organisations often use direct mail to communicate key messages and updates on the latest fundraising appeals. Mail is a valuable communication channel for charities to use as a stand-alone channel or as part of a multi-channel campaign.

With its physical attributes, your campaign has space and the ability to clearly communicate complex or challenging messages, that other channels cannot due to restrictions on space or time allocations in their advertising. Many charitable direct mail campaigns use enclosures to aid the impact of their message. These enclosures can be promotional items, inserts or gifts to incentivise giving, highlight a cause or provide a thank you to the donor.

Your charitable mailing campaign can give your brand more opportunities for creative freedom and using the right data services, could also broaden your audience reach, outside of your traditional donors.

Example fundraising direct mail communications can include, but are not restricted to:

  • Special events such as McMillan coffee mornings
  • Thank you letters
  • Postcard marketing
  • Promotional items or gifts such as enclosed pens, stickers, cards or tote bags
  • Awareness campaigns through letters or story-telling example case studies
  • Local, Regional or National campaigns

Improve your Charitable Campaigns response rates with Correct and Clean Data 

To ensure your campaign is both cost-effective and relevant, your data should be checked that it has been cleansed and is up to date. All elements of your data should be checked, to ensure it’s still relevant and correct. Data should also be compliant, with current data standards. Basic checks should ensure contact details and names are up to date, but additional checks such as recent additions to preference services should also be reviewed, along with any updates for individuals who have opted out of future mailings.

Once you have completed your data checks and you have your final data file, audience segmentation could be used to create different groups with relevant messaging, helping generate better response rates and improve donor loyalty.

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Posthub’s Charity and Fundraising Support

Posthub offers both practical and consultative guidance for all aspects of the postal process. We are on hand to help manage the delivery of your items if you have already identified your data list and your campaign creative or we can provide the necessary support for data targeting or creative development.

Posthub is focused on providing solutions to support you and your business. As a team, we have nearly 100 years of combined experience in the industry. The Posthub team will seamlessly and confidently guide your mailing campaign through the postal journey from planning to delivery. Our client-focused experts will simplify the complexity of your data and mail requirements to give you a great customer experience.

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Switching to Posthub meant we could save costs during a difficult time in the industry without having to sacrifice on service provided. Communication with Posthub has been quick and efficient which in turn has helped to ensure our direct mail process is smooth and hassle free.

Daniel Beadle, Warehouse and Fulfilment Manager, Christ for All Nations

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Charitable Direct Mail Example Campaign:

Toybox is a charity that supports street children, globally. Direct mail was used to engage with their audience, encouraging a gift selection for the children.

The Creative: The creative included a mini-catalogue of gifts that they select from, to buy for street children. A choice of six items were illustrated, where Toybox-supported outreach workers could distribute to help meet the children’s, immediate needs.

The concept was developed by Rogue Creative and Toybox. The ‘not just’ a gift catalogue and the message ‘not just’ was echoed throughout the creative pack, to demonstrate the difference between meeting a children’s short-term needs, and how the gifts could also help a child escape the streets, for good.

Channel Mix: Direct Mail, Online and Social Media.

Results: 300% increase vs. target. With many donors electing to buy all the advertised gifts for the children

Read the full case study here. 

Toybox Letter

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