RNLI Doordrop Media Fundraising Campaign

September 2021

Many of the RNLI’s conventional forms of fundraising were closed down due to Covid 19 restrictions, stemming vital funding. In addition, the organisation faced increased costs in ensuring their lifesavers were kept Covid safe during continued operations. Alternative methods of fundraising needed to be found to raise a targeted £880k in donations.

The RNLI turned to Whistl who by using donor data and their refined predictive modelling techniques identified specific areas to target potential donors. Whistl also provided support in the creative to help ensure it had maximum impact on delivery, via door drop media.

The campaign helped raise almost £1 million for RNLI, exceeding previous expectations and ensuring that Covid‐19 hadn’t meant a lost summer of fundraising for this remarkable life-saving cause. The ROI on this campaign was outstanding and the very nature of this technique meant that 45% of responding donors were new to the RNLI.

Whistl did what all good marketing should – target people where they are most receptive. And during a national lockdown, the power of door drops became even more relevant, helping a well-deserving cause stay front of mind even when they couldn’t be face to face, to exceed RNLI’s fundraising targets.

Judges’ quote (IPM)

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