Direct marketing remains an effective and efficient marketing channel for businesses to use. Find out more about the advantages of direct marketing today.

Advantages of Direct Marketing

August 2021

Direct marketing is proving to be a form of marketing businesses just can’t afford to lose, especially direct marketing channels such as direct mail, which is only getting stronger and stronger. High response rate, great engagement statistics, and an efficient ROI are only a handful of the advantages of direct marketing. We’re taking a look at some of the key benefits of direct marketing and why your business should consider adding it to your marketing channels. 

Key benefits

Truly effective direct marketing campaigns highlight a specific product or service, encouraging customers to act. This could be requesting more information, registering their interest, visiting a website, making a booking or purchase, etc. Direct marketing though, does more than just encourage customer action, it also:

Helps build relationships with customers

Direct marketing gets your business right into the hands of prospective customers and lets you target customers specifically. Because you can repeatedly target the same customers, you can build upon previous messaging, creating a dialogue with customers unique to direct marketing. This allows you to nurture customers down specific funnels through the use of techniques such as repeat offers, improving discounts, etc.

Gauges appeal of product or service

Direct marketing allows you to test and track different approaches with ease. Say one week you send out direct mail encouraging users to visit your website, and then the next week you send out direct mail with a trackable phone number. You can compare the response rate and make informed decisions about which method works best for your business. In short, direct marketing is one of the most effective methods for gauging the appeal of your product or service. Essentially, direct marketing begets more direct marketing, with each campaign giving you the data you need for the next one.

Increase sales opportunities

When you compare what works and what doesn’t, you can use the information from successful campaigns to target more customers with similar interests. This naturally increases your reach, allowing you access to a bigger market and thus more sales opportunities. 

Gives customers content they can share

This is especially good when you include coupons that your customers can cut out and share with neighbours, for example. Other great sharing methods include refer-a-friend discounts.


Direct marketing lets you customise all sorts of elements to make it more appealing to customers. You can personally address customers in direct mail or direct email campaigns. Or you can use the data from previous campaigns to further emphasise the things they liked (more discount codes, sign-up incentives, subscription benefits, etc.). Customisation works great for location-specific targeting too; you can research a targeted area’s unique qualities and use them to frame your messaging.

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