JICMAIL the answer to creating more impact with advertising mail

October 2020

Creating more impact with advertising mail 

When it comes to creating a strong advertising message and a responsive media campaign, the available data and how this can be interpreted can make a big difference to the overall return on investment.

Launched in January 2018, JICMAIL created the missing key metric for the traditional medium, mail. Capturing details around mail and door drop media from reach, frequency, and exposure.

JICMAIL collectively came together with one aim: to build a measurement system that any player from the three sides of the business — advertiser, agency, media owner — can trust to provide it with unbiased, reliable, information.

With the intelligence, available industry players are better placed to plan their campaigns and set budgets with confidence.

Until 2018, nearly all media channels were covered by a Joint Industry Committee (JIC), but the traditional channels mail and door drop media, had been forgotten.

Now over 12 months from the launch, JICMAIL continues to address the needs of the mail industry and supports a user from media, DM and integrated agencies, to printers, mailing houses, and even advertisers directly, with further developments.

JICMAIL's Recent developments

JICMAIL’s data has been integrated with Kantar's TGI and the IPA’s Touchpoints Channel Planner. This allows planners to answer questions about the effectiveness of mail and door drop items. These questions before were often left unanswered which often meant printed door drop and mail items were often missed off a planner's schedule.

An example of the effectiveness of mail can be seen in this Month in the Life of Mail infographic below.


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