DMA Annual Doordrop Report - 2023

June 2023

A challenging environment for the economy invariably means a challenging environment for marketing spend. Not only has the Door Drop channel had to deal with these cyclical market factors in 2022, but at the same time, it has also undergone the structural challenges of a continued shift of budgets towards digital channels.

The fact that Door Drop spending and volumes have been maintained year-on-year against this backdrop speaks to the continued confidence advertisers place in Door Drop Media during tough times.

In partnership with JICMAIL, the DMA is pleased to reveal the latest performance metrics for the Door Drop channel, covering 2022. At the same time, the robust levels of ad spend are positive for the industry. For brands not yet looking at Door Drop Media as a channel for support, this report will highlight how you could use this channel:

  1. Door Drops drive campaign effectiveness throughout the customer journey. While they are a powerful acquisition tool, they also drive digital actions, website visits and brand conversations. 
  2. Door Drops reach a broad range of target audiences. Other than budget and planning best practices, household targeting is unlimited. Upmarket audiences are just as likely to interact with Door Drops as less well-off audiences, while under-35s are more likely to interact with the channel than any other age group. At the same time, they are the least likely group to be targeted by advertisers, creating huge short-term share-of-voice opportunities for brands. 
  3. New insight from JICMAIL also reveals that Door Drops are among the most attention-efficient media channels available, costing just 7p to deliver a minute of consumer attention. In an era of media saturation and ad avoidance, this type of consumer interaction is invaluable to campaign planners. The DMA and JICMAIL would like to thank the DMA Print Council’s Door Drop Hub for its support and guidance in creating this report.

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