JICMail Q2 2023 Results

September 2023


Research from JICMAIL’s monthly diary-based panel data reveals that:

  • With the average piece of advertising mail reaching 1.1 people
  • A strong lifespan advertising mail staying within the household for over 7.1 days
  • The frequency of the message is highly impactful with direct mail items being read 4.5 times in the time it is within the home

Commercial Actions: All Mail Items

As a result of receiving items at home, all commercial actions have seen an increase YoY

The impact of mail has strong commercial effectiveness, with the year-on-year growth rates outstripping the growth in frequency of interaction with mail. Business mail is now working harder than ever at driving a commercial response than ever before. 

  • 74.9% of all mail (DMDoordrops, and Business Mail combined) were read and looked at Q2 2023, representing a 2% growth in effectiveness versus Q2 2022
  • 64.1% of all mail were opened (+2% in Q2 2022)
  • 46.2% of all mail were retained at home (+2% in Q2 2022)
  • 15.7% of all mail drove brand discussion with someone (+2% Q2 2022)

All types of Mail have seen an increase in engagement in Q2 of 2023

Direct Mail items were engaged with for >2 minutes across a 28 day period.

Download the Q2 2023 Fact Sheet

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