JICMAIL highlights strong performance of direct mail in Q4 2023

March 2024

The Joint Industry Currency for Mail (JICMAIL) has released its latest results and the findings reveal more positives for businesses sending direct mail.

Not only is mail marketing driving digital conversions, it continues to hold the attention of consumers.

JICMAIL’s Quarterly Results report, covering Q4 2023, leads with the statistic that 40% of website visits prompted by mail converted into online purchases in the latter part of the year.

It also includes analysis that shows 6.5% of mail (including Direct Mail) prompted a purchase during the busy Christmas trading period with half of these purchases taking place online.

Direct Mail Q4 2023 headline statistics

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Direct Mail attention is up year-on-year

The amount of time direct mail is engaged with has increased year-on-year, albeit this stabilised in Q4 2023.

In Q4 2022, direct mail was engaged with for 108 seconds over a 28-day period. This has now increased to over two minutes (124 seconds).

By comparison, door drop attention has also increased in the last 12 months, up to 62 seconds in Q4 2023. This compares to the previous year’s equivalent measurement of 46 seconds.

The average Direct Mail item is engaged with for over two minutes

Business Mail Attention (seconds interacted with per item

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Download the Q4 2023 Direct Mail Factsheet

Mail prompts online purchases and interactions

In Q4 2023, 8.4% of mail prompted a website visit, 4.8% an account look-up and 3.3% an online purchase, representing a 40% conversion rate from site to purchase.

Meanwhile, 2.3% of mail prompted an in-store purchase in the final three months of 2023.

These statistics highlight the role mail can play throughout the consumer journey and its versatility in prompting both offline and online actions.

Commercial Actions: All mail items

Website visits, purchases and discussions prompted by mail increased in Q4 2023

Posthub - Commercial actions prompted by mail.png

Mail’s “triple win” is praised by JICMAIL leaders

The unique insights produced by JICMAIL are collected from a panel of one thousand households per month. Measuring the lifecycle of a mail item, from opening and reading to filing away or taking an action, JICMAIL data provides marketers and advertisers with the ammunition they need to run effective campaigns.

Ian Gibbs, JICMAIL Director of Data Leadership and Learning, said: “The challenges faced by the British high street in Q4 have been well documented of late. For those advertisers who invested budget in mail however, the channel did its bit – driving both in-store and online purchases at a time when it’s getting harder and harder to stimulate immediate response from performance marketing activity. A 40% conversion rate from site visit to purchase is the type of performance that should catch the attention of digital growth marketers.&rdquo

Mark Cross, Engagement Director, added: “This latest set of results across the critical trading period of the year, continues to demonstrate the value to be unlocked from including mail in the mix. A triple win of high engagement, high attention and high conversion to transaction with rich interactions physically and online.

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Download the Q4 2023 Direct Mail Factsheet

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