Direct Mail Marketing the Power of Print

March 2021

Direct Mail Marketing the Power of Print 

Direct mail marketing in all its forms is incredibly effective, in reaching selected target audience and ensuring your message creates desired interactions.

How is direct marketing still so effective? 

With the proliferation of digital marketing mediums, the average person is now exposed to thousands of ads every single day. The increased volume of exposure to advertising messages means that consumers have developed the ability to mentally block some of the messages, creating almost background noise to their everyday activities. In addition, there are now sophisticated ad blockers and cookie laws making digital messaging even harder to stand out.

Direct mail, partially addressed mail, and door drops are far more difficult to ignore. Their immediate physical presence means that it has to be engaged with and considered, as items are delivered into the home environment. This means direct mail by nature has the ability to have a one-to-one brand-to-consumer connection. In addition as a physical item, it can also be shared as a one-to-many communication. Studies over the last few years from JICMail have shown that people internalise printed material far more profoundly than they do digital content.

Direct mail marketing has the strongest opportunity for an engaged response when the item is made relevant to the target audience and due to the nature of targeting by geography can easily be integrated into wider media plans. The addition of direct mail into multi-media plans will ensure that budgets go further to deliver highly effective campaigns and amplify the opportunity of your target audience reach. 

The Benefits of Direct Mail

  • It’s far less transient than all other forms of communication and is likely to be re-read and passed on rather than discarded. Your target audience can read through the material in their own time and at their own pace.
  • Seeing their name physically printed has been proven to strongly appeal to consumers.
  • It allows you to specify the exact demographic and geography of your campaign.
  • It provides accurate measurable results. You know how many pieces have been distributed, how often, and at what cost. From this, you know your exact ROI and response rate to your campaign.

The Benefits of Partially Addressed Mail

  • The ability to outline a recipient's address, without any personal details such as the householders' name, ensures your campaign is fully GDPR compliant.
  • Targeting can still be carried out to the exact demographic and geography of your target audience groups. 
  • Knowing where your campaign has been delivered, allows for clear reporting for accurate measurable results for your return on investment calculations. 

The Benefits of Doordrop Media

  • It’s highly targeted.
  • Fully GDPR compliant.
  • It has a national reach.
  • Consumers are able to engage with it on their terms at home.
  • Profiling and targeting make it a cost-effective media choice, reducing wastage while yielding high recall and brand familiarity.
  • It can be integrated into other multi-media campaigns and helps to drive acquisition by enabling advertisers to reach the right people with the right offer at the right time.
  • It can deepen brand engagement through the inclusion of samples, recipes, trackable coupons, or other relevant offers encouraging people to trial your products.
  • It’s versatile, it can take multiple formats from bespoke die-cut, to premium stock to stand-out design.

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