Posthub can help your travel and hospitality brand to increase advertising opportunities, with cost-effective postal campaigns.

Why Travel and Tourism brands use Direct Mail

Addressed mail items (Direct Mail) can create a more personal touch, with the ability to personalise a creative to a recipient and their location, this media channel can create more standout for your brand, creating more cut-through against some of the digital channels your competitors might be using.

With a physical item, people have more time to read, review or revisit the content sent to them. Mailshots for the travel and tourism industry are a great opportunity to create awareness and create a mini show-case of what is on offer for your business and brand. This could be strong visuals for your local attraction, details of where to visit for a tourist board or specific offers for holiday locations or hotels.

With the right mailing data and relevant messaging your postal campaign message will be relevant, encouraging action. With Posthub’s consultative advice and practical mail management and final mile delivery support, your publisher communications can be delivered to the audience most likely to purchase your products or services.

Mailing Campaign Examples for Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Companies:

  • Promotional leaflets, advertising offers
  • Brochures for local attractions and offers
  • Details of locations for restaurants or new openings of hotels
  • Awareness campaigns local attractions or travel locations

Posthub’s Travel and Tourism Support

Posthub offers both practical and consultative guidance for all aspects of the mailing process. We are on hand to help manage the delivery of your items (if you have already identified your data list) and give relevant support to help find print management or mailing house. We ensure your postal campaigns are cost-effective by providing mail data services including mailing data sortation and mail data cleansing. 

Posthub is focused on providing solutions to support you and your business. With over a decade of combined experience in the industry, the Posthub team will seamlessly and confidently guide your mailing campaign through the postal journey, from planning to mail delivery. Our client-focused experts will simplify the complexity of your data and mail requirements to deliver effective campaigns. Posthub is part of the Whistl Group, the UK's largest downstream mail operator, giving your business the most cost-effective rates, based on our consolidated mail discounts.

Posthub's Mail Management and Mail Delivery Services 

Sorted Mail

For businesses sending high volumes of letters and mail items, you can enjoy the flexibility and expertise of Posthub's support. On hand to help with your data requirements, liaise with your print and production partners, or managing forecasting, consumable and collection requirements for your mailings. 

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Unsorted Mail

Pre-sorting large volumes of mail can be a hassle and take up too much time for businesses. We offer a range of unsorted mail services across the UK to suit your requirements, leaving you feeling confident that your mail is in good hands with a reliable and trusted supplier.

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Sending your direct mail items internationally has never been easier. Whatever the format of your letters and mail, we can help your addressed items reach any country worldwide. With the added control of the country by country invoicing, and on-hand personal account management.

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Make additional savings on your promotional campaign postage costs with adMail. adMail is ideal for businesses who send addressed Direct Mail items, promoting the sale or use of products or services or to encourage, contribute or support a cause.

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Partially Addressed Mail

A GDPR compliant form of direct mail. Partially addressed items are created and delivered without the use of personal data, delivered to units of c.15 homes (postcode).

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Unaddressed Mail

Doordrop media is a form of unaddressed advertising mail. It is a GDPR compliant way to increase brand awareness, customer engagement, acquisition or loyalty.

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Mail Data Services

Posthub offers mail data services including mailing sortation to data cleansing, to help your company get the most out of your marketing budget.

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FREE Mailing Data Health Check

Posthub will screen your data to identify any possible compliance issues. We will provide you with a FREE no-obligation report and you only pay for the services you require

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Posthub help create strong ROI for Travel Campaigns

Direct Mail marketing can be a very cost-effective channel It can be used as a stand-alone channel supporting local or regional messaging for tourism boards or specific attractions.

For the larger travel brand, national campaigns can be created to target a larger base for increased reach and relevance of the travel message.

Posthub works with you to determine your campaign timings, volumes and delivery costs. With access to the best-in-class delivery partners, we work within your budget and access all of the most relevant incentives and promotions to give you the best return on investment available. To aid the effectiveness of your campaign, here at Posthub we offer a range of practical data cleansing services to ensure your data is both accurate and GDPR compliant, saving your business time, money and helping you achieve effective data-driven mailings.

Example Case Study: Virgin Holidays  

Background: Encourage holidaymakers to combat the low they felt after returning from a trip by booking their next journey with Virgin Holidays, rather than short-haul carriers

Strategy: The Welcome Home Programme used the “peak-end” behavioural economics principle, where changing the end of an experience – in this case, to match the level of service provided during a passenger’s initial booking – positively affects perception.

Direct Mail was used as part of a multi-media campaign for a nostalgic, personalised “miss you already” postcards were waiting on people’s doorsteps when they arrived home.

These were followed up with personalised mugs, recipes based on previous destinations and a money-off voucher to boost new bookings.

The blend of nostalgia and planning kept holiday desire high. The excitement was channelled into action using personalised “count-up” emails showing customers how long it had been since their last holiday, and inspiring them with fresh destination suggestions based on their browsing habits.

Results: Overall, the campaign was the main contributor to a 10% increase in loyalty in 2018, equating to a £2.2m in revenue and 30:1 ROI.

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