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How do Financial Brands use Postal Campaigns?

Financial brands and businesses have traditionally used addressed mail (Direct Mail) for a range of communications. From communicating key information to their customer base to highlighting new services, products or ranges for improved customer loyalty and new customer generation.

Mailshots are both personal and tactile in nature, allowing mailings to create impact directly to your audience, meaning strong response rates can be achieved.

Postal campaigns can be planned as stand-alone media or planned together strategically with other marketing channels, to build on the strengths of each other, adding value and maximising the reach opportunities.

Improve your financial campaigns response rates with mailing data services 

To ensure your campaign is both cost-effective and relevant, your mailing data should be checked that it has been cleansed and is up to date. Data should also be compliant with current data standards. Basic checks should ensure contact details and names are up to date, but additional checks such as recent additions to preference services should also be reviewed along with your opt-out database

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Posthub’s Financial Mail Support 

Posthub offers both practical and consultative guidance for all aspects of the mailing process. We are on hand to help manage the delivery of your items (if you have already identified your data list) and give relevant support to help find print management or mailing house. We ensure your postal campaigns are cost-effective by providing mail data services including mailing data sortation and mail data cleansing. 

Posthub is focused on providing solutions to support you and your business. With over a decade of combined experience in the industry, the Posthub team will seamlessly and confidently guide your mailing campaign through the postal journey, from planning to mail delivery. Our client-focused experts will simplify the complexity of your data and mail requirements to deliver effective campaigns. Posthub is part of the Whistl Group, the UK's largest downstream mail operator, giving your business the most cost-effective rates, based on our consolidated mail discounts.

Posthub's Mail Management and Mail Delivery Services 

Sorted Mail

For businesses sending high volumes of letters and mail items, you can enjoy the flexibility and expertise of Posthub's support. On hand to help with your data requirements, liaise with your print and production partners, or managing forecasting, consumable and collection requirements for your mailings. 

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Unsorted Mail

Pre-sorting large volumes of mail can be a hassle and take up too much time for businesses. We offer a range of unsorted mail services across the UK to suit your requirements, leaving you feeling confident that your mail is in good hands with a reliable and trusted supplier.

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Sending your direct mail items internationally has never been easier. Whatever the format of your letters and mail, we can help your addressed items reach any country worldwide. With the added control of the country by country invoicing, and on-hand personal account management.

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Make additional savings on your promotional campaign postage costs with adMail. adMail is ideal for businesses who send addressed Direct Mail items, promoting the sale or use of products or services or to encourage, contribute or support a cause.

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Partially Addressed Mail

A GDPR compliant form of direct mail. Partially addressed items are created and delivered without the use of personal data, delivered to units of c.15 homes (postcode).

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Unaddressed Mail

Doordrop media is a form of unaddressed advertising mail. It is a GDPR compliant way to increase brand awareness, customer engagement, acquisition or loyalty.

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Mail Data Services

Posthub offers mail data services including mailing sortation to data cleansing, to help your company get the most out of your marketing budget.

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Posthub provides consultative and hands-on support, for impactful direct marketing campaigns

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Financial Direct Mail Example:

JLR was on a mission to get tech-savvy by putting time-poor people behind the wheel of the new Range Rover Evoque. The agency Edit, decided to re-imagine the test-drive booking process, making it as simple as pushing a button. The target audience identified as a young, affluent, tech-savvy group that values design and premium brands. However, they are time-poor and unlikely to opt-in to email. 

A luxurious direct mailpack revealed the car's alluring design and features via seductive images and copy, ending with a replica of the Evoque's stop-start button. Pressing the glowing ignition button would book a test-drive, triggering SMS and email confirmation. A multi-media campaign ran across 36 publications, 32 websites and high-impact out of home media.

  • 2,000-plus test drive requested
  • 5% purchased a new Evoque
The Evoque Button

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