Whistl Zeroing in on Carbon Emmissions

May 2021

Ad Net Zero is a new advertising industry initiative, aimed at reducing the carbon impact of developing, producing and running UK advertising to net zero by 2030. A not-for-profit initiative led by The  Advertising Association, the launch was marked by the publication of a report setting out the action plan.

With extensive interests in both door drop media and direct mail, Whistl is a supporter of the scheme and keen to have a say. Mark Davies, Managing Director of Whistl Doordrop Media of our Advertising division, is featured in the report, saying: ‘I’m wary that negative and ill-informed perceptions of print media can impact its attractiveness to marketers. I’m keen to dispel any myths, including the perceptions by some that digital media is ‘cleaner’ than print media, when it must be remembered that the e-waste problem is significant and growing. In 2016 alone, 44.7 million tonnes of e-waste were generated globally.’

Whilst the report does highlight that reducing print can help, it notes that print waste accounts for less than 1% of the carbon footprint of agencies. Notably, 58% of CO2e emissions generated by the advertising industry are estimated to be generated by business travel, in particular flights.

Mark had more to say following publication of the report. ‘The release of this report recognises that the environmental impacts of advertising can no longer go unactioned. I acknowledge the impact wasted print media can have, but through precision targeting, judicious design feedback and reliable distribution, Whistl is minimising direct marketing waste with well-planned, eco-friendly print campaigns.’

58% of ad industry emissions are generated by business travel.jpgLess than 1% of emissions are due to print media waste.jpg

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