Whistl Leafletdrop celebrates 100 million items

January 2022

Whistl Doordrop Media, the market leader in audience targeting and leaflet services, is celebrating processing 100 million items for its customers through Leafletdrop, its online leaflet processing tool.

Leafletdrop has become increasingly popular during 2021 as businesses reopened and were wanting to re-engage with their local communities.

The self-service marketing tool enables organisations to target over 27 million UK households with geographic-based leaflet marketing campaigns from their desktop either at home or in the office.

Originally conceived for SMEs wanting to cost-effectively target their local markets, the tool has become increasingly popular with national brands such as ODDBOX looking to target locally.

In 2021 Leafletdrop found that as well as driving footfall to traditional bricks and mortar outlets as they reopened, digital brands were increasingly using the leaflet generation and targeting tool to drive traffic to their online outlets.

The tool is increasingly being used by new brands to build profiles cost-effectively. ‘Who Gives a Crap’ began using the tool in the past year to present a quality brand, delivering an environmentally friendly product, humorously. 

The branding, visual, and humorous messaging of the leaflet ensured the householder could clearly understand the message. The simple call to action to their website to order, with a discount code, led to a 140% uplift in sales and the campaign has since won a DMA award.

The industry sectors that are typically big users of Leafletdrop include home services and improvements retail, charities, political parties, health and beauty, and travel.

Hitting the 100million mark for Leafletdrop is an amazing achievement. We are seeing that leaflets are, in a digital world, still one of the most effective ways for businesses to spend their marketing budgets and grow.

We have proven that giving businesses control of leaflet campaigns, backed by the expertise of Whistl, brings benefits to the bottom line.

Mark Davies | Managing Director of Whistl Doordrop Media

Leafletdrop has been designed to be simple to use.

Once the target households have been identified, businesses can schedule distribution, organise print and pay online on a single platform for a single fee – reducing the need to deal with a multitude of suppliers.

Posthub is part of the Whistl Group, to find out more about the group and associated businesses visit www.whistl.co.uk/about-us

Want to know more about the Leafletdrop tool? visit www.leafletdrop.co.uk or call 01628 816611

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