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October 2018

Posthub’s top tip’s on eco-friendly direct mail

Direct mail continues to be one of the most effective ways to get your message into the hands of a  captive audience, but with ongoing concerns about its impact on the environment how can you act responsibly whilst still making the most of this powerful medium?

Keep it clean

Clean data has never been more crucial, particularly with GDPR. Target those who have expressed an interest in your company and invest in high-quality prospect lists and you’ll see a significant lift in response whilst reducing costs and wastage on print.

Care about your creative

Try to avoid ink-heavy coverage and use formats that are efficient for printing. Pages and pages of information are often unnecessary and can actually deter the recipient from reading it. By trimming your direct mail campaign, you’re minimising your environmental impact and ensuring your messaging is effective.

Go veggie

Talk to your printer about using vegetable-based inks as it’s a much greener solution. They do not contain volatile chemicals so they are gentle on the environment yet still produce high-quality, bright images. In fact, you could end up saving more on full-colour printing as there are fewer solvents, and it requires less press-cleaning.

Switch to sustainable

Paper, envelopes, and wrapping can all be switched to more eco-friendly options. Recycled paper is widely available, as are paper and other materials from renewable sources. That means your mailing won’t be contributing to deforestation and you’ll have a clear conscience about helping to protect the planet.

Encourage responsibility

Include the recycle now logo and a green statement on your printed marketing material and you’ll not only be encouraging recipients to do the right thing, but you’ll also be demonstrating your commitment to the environment and green credentials. It’s a great way of promoting your values and boosting brand loyalty.

At Posthub we take our responsibility seriously. 

We can help reduce your environmental impact and your postage costs.

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