The Secret to Improving Postal Costs

December 2020

Improve your Postal Costs

A key driver to achieving improved cost efficiencies is your mail quality. By ensuring that your mailing items are clean and presentable will enable your items to move much more efficiently through the print and post journey. In turn this will ensure the mailing reciepients will receive their mail, on time.

Presenting your Direct Mail items:

You can improve how your postal items are presented by revieing and understanding if any of the following apply to your direct mail items:

  • Misfolded mail
  • Handwritten mail
  • Non-standard envelopes
  • Misaddressed mail
  • Over-sized envelopes
  • Badly positioned labels
  • Postcodes not being the sole text on the last line of address

Simple steps to Improve Direct Mail Quality

If any of the above apply to your mail, you can follow these simple steps to improve your mail quality:

  1. Ensure your letter is machineable – its shape, flexibility and paper colour all matter
  2. Ensure your address is machine readable – correct font size and colour, full address details shown clearly in the right location.
  3. Ensure you have the correct envelope layout – ensuring address zone and indicia zone are in correct place.

Having mail machine readable mail is not the only way to reduce your postage costs and ensure quality of service; working with a quality specialist in mail delivery is crucial. 

Posthub, The leading complete postal solutions provider will help you manage your mailing needs on time and on budget.  Whether you’re sending letters, brochures or leaflets Posthub offers hands consultative and practical support for efficient postal solutions.

Posthub's Consultative Approach

From your initial enquiry we work with you to understand your direct marketing needs, challenges and goals. We provide you with a dedicated account manager to take away the complexities of postal mailings and manage all aspects of the associated supply chain, on your behalf.

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We try to be straightforward and work hard to make sure it is easy to work with us.

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With dedicated account management we provide that personal touch.

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Customer focused

By putting ourselves in your shoes, to do what’s right for your business.

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We are open and honest, straight and clear, doing the right thing.

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Creating tailored solutions to overcome challenges and help grow your business.

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