Pushing The Envelope

October 2020

Taking time and effort to plan your direct mail campaigns could help you achieve higher response rates and hit your campaign targets.

Follow the following simple tips 

The right fit A standard envelope may save on your postage costs, but one size does not fit all. An inadequate envelope will look cheap and scruffy. For a winning campaign select an envelope that a sufficient size for your printed message.

Quality matters It’s important to make a good first impression, and the cover or envelope will be the first thing that your customer will see and touch. Make sure the envelope represents the quality of the campaign you are offering and take into account the finish, colour and size.

Stand out The design of the envelope will help it stand out from the other mailings and leaflets. Utilise colour, graphics and messaging to achieve this whilst maintaining your brand identity and integrating with the whole campaign. The cover could include a teaser message, bespoke stamp r design that ties in with message inside.

Tailored campaign Grab the recipients attention by having a message on the cover that is personalised, by referring to their interests or buying history. This will require reliable data and will add value to your campaign.

Increased interaction Use a perforated strip-opener, peel-off sticker or pull-off note to make your mail piece more interactive and increase open-rates. The longer the envelope remains in the recipient’s hand, the more likely it is to be read and retained.

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