Posthub participate in “Ad Net Zero”

December 2020

Our ambition is to get the climate impact of our industry’s operations down to ‘real net zero’, in terms of carbon output, within the next decade. This goal is within our reach by the end of 2030 as the report sets out, through a clear series of actions.

Keith Weed – President – Advertising Association

The Advertising Association has acknowledged the impact the industry is having on the environment and in response has published a 68 page report on its plans to reduce marketing emissions to zero by 2030. Posthub, part of the Whistl group and experts at direct marketing, have had their say within the report on how Doordrop Media & Direct Mail is already playing its part.

Mark Davies, Managing Director of Whistl’s Advertising division, is featured in the report and says:

“I am wary that negative and ill-informed perceptions of print media can impact attractiveness to marketers. I am keen to dispel any myths, including the perceptions by some that digital media is ‘cleaner’ than print media, when it must be remembered that the e-waste problem is significant and growing. In 2016 alone, 44.7 million tonnes of e-waste were generated globally.” 

The report itself also highlights this fact with surprising figures. 3.4 tonnes of CO2e was produced each year by each person working within an IPA agency alone with an average of 84,000 tonnes of operational CO2e emissions coming from each IPA agency.

While the report highlights the fact that reducing print can help, it is noted that this waste accounts for less than 1% of the carbon footprint from agencies. Reducing operational causes will have a far larger impact such as reducing air travel and switching to green electricity.

Mark Davies has commented following the release of the report:

“The release of this report recognise the environmental impacts of advertising can no longer go unactioned. I acknowledge the impact wasted print media can have but through the use of excellent targeting, expert design feedback and reliable distribution, Whistl & Posthub are reducing direct marketing waste through properly planned, eco-friendly print campaigns.”

To read the full report please click here.

Whistl have also been long term supporters of the Two Sides initiative, ensuring perceptions of print marketing and its effects on the environment are accurate. You can read more about the myths and facts surrounding print media on our blog here.

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