JICMAIL Q2 2021 results show how mail encouraged consumer actions following lockdown

September 2021

Q2 2021 results reveal mail had a strong impact when looking to encourage consumers back into bricks and mortar retail stores.

2021 Q2 JICMAIL Mail Effect.PNG

JICMAIL’s diary-based data captured from a panel of one thousand households every month reveals that in Q2 2021:

  • Advertising mail confidence continued to rebound, with Direct Mail volumes on the JICMAIL panel increasing by +51% year on year, and Doordrop Media by +181%.
  • Government messages from local elections played their part in driving political party Direct Mail and Doordrop volumes, as did the continued covid related messaging from the NHS.
  • The travel and retail messages from mail order e-Commerce sectors also played a key role in advertising mail recovery.

2021 Q2 JICMAIL Commercial Actions.PNG

Direct Mail Effectiveness

2021 Q2 JICMAIL Direct Mail Stats.PNG

Source: JICMAIL Item Data Q2 2021 n=11,366

In addition, JICMAIL captures the industry category and advertiser details of almost every mail item in its 190,000+ mail item database.


JICMAIL recently released a suite of new competitive insight tools to help advertisers measure their visibility on the doormat versus their competitors; understand their mail performance versus other industry leaders, and draw out key insights into which consumer segments different brands are targeting with mailing items. 

The pronounced uplift in JICMAIL panel volumes is striking, with the multiple effects of mail continuing to impact both media and consumer behaviours over this period. The new normal of heightened digital effects from mail is evident again, and across this quarter, the effects of driving much-needed store traffic and consumer value through vouchers are a particular stand-out.  The commercial activity generated by mail as captured by JICMAIL demonstrates the channels clear relevance to the recovery effort in the economy

Mark Cross, Engagement Director, JICMAIL

Q2 2021 Factsheet


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