Importance of Data in Direct Mail

October 2020

Importance of Data in Direct Mail

With regular data cleaning, you’ll gain an accurate, up-to-date single customer view, reduce mail wastage, protecting your brand image, and increasing response rate.

Data accuracy is now a legal requirement, so there’s never been a more important time to make sure that your data is regularly cleansed and suppressed.

The effectiveness of any direct mail campaign can be underpinned by the:

  • The correctness of your data
  • The relevance of your message, to the target audience
  • Creative standout and personalisation of the message
  • Timeliness of receipt 

All of these elements can be directly related to the campaign data that is used to create the marketing schedule and its correctness. 

Direct Mailing campaigns are physical items delivered directly to an addressed individual. Therefore if the data is not correct the message delivered will be lost and could even drive a negative brand association for your company. 

Effective data-driven direct mail can enhance and personalise your target audience’s experience, from initial receipt and even future interactions with your brand.

Benefits of Data Management 

  • Minimising the campaign volume and ineffectiveness of the campaign by removing contacts who cannot or will not respond.
  • Ensure data and marketing communications are compliant with current data regulatory requirements, such as GDPR policies.
  • Clean data is imperative for achieving Responsible Mail™ and Advertising Mail® discounts as well as using the Mailmark product.

What is Data Sourcing? 

  • Not all companies will have a complete customer database or prospective database to reach new target audiences. Data sourcing allows these companies to enrich their existing database or acquire new data to create more efficient direct mail campaigns. 
  • Posthub gives your brand consultative support and guidance, on the most efficient and economical way to acquire new mailing data. 

What is Data Cleansing?

  • Data cleansing is the process of improving your data accuracy by correcting or removing data from your database or direct mailing files that is incomplete, out of date or wrongly formatted.
  • Posthub offers consultative advice on how to improve your postal campaigns data quality, as a result improving your mailing campaigns response rate and return on investment. 

Posthub offers both practical and consultative data services to help your company get the most out of your marketing budget. 


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