How Direct Mail fits in with Cross-Channel Charitable Marketing

October 2020

Multi-media fundraising campaigns allow direct mail to be combined with the overarching campaign and digital strategy. By ensuring that all aspects of the campaign are integrated and work together, allows for a stronger opportunity for audience reach and marketing effectiveness.

Each media channel can lean on the creative concept for the overall theme, however, each channel can lead with its strengths to gain the best exposure. For example:

  • Brand awareness through outdoor posters
  • Promotional videos on social media
  • Summary of event details via email
  • Awareness campaign with a clear call to action, for direct mail.

This creatively connected approach increases the chances of individuals to see your brand message and take action. 

Creating Impactful Charitable Direct Marketing Campaigns

Here are a few tips to make your direct mail campaigns more impactful:

Personalise your message where possible to the donor and/or the location of the recipient

  • Ensure your campaign tells a story but is relatable to your target audience
  • Use different formats, inclusions, and layouts to make the content easily digestible  
  • Use positive, actionable, and direct language such as ‘Give’ or ‘Donate’, rather than support
  • Outline what different donation values will do for the cause, setting different value breaks as examples

Key Charitable Details to be included

The basic elements of the direct mail campaign should include the following details on every pack, even if there are different creative variations:

  • Email, postal address, and any other relevant contact numbers
  • Clear options for non-inclusion in future campaign direct mail and marketing messages (opt-out)
  • How to donate and details of tax-free giving
  • How donations will be used to help the cause and details of how the overall funds will be split between any third-party companies

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