What is Partially Addressed Mail?

April 2021

If you’re looking to reach new customers without infringing GDPR rules, Partially Addressed Mail, (also abbreviated to PAM within the industry) offers the perfect solution. Instead of addressing an item to a named individual, potential customers are targeted using their postcode data rather than their personal data, providing a GDPR-compliant way of reaching a receptive audience.

It’s a great option for winning new customers, and the numbers back this up. With high customer engagement rates, PAM gets noticed by people who are more likely to be interested in what you’re promoting. By addressing the mailing to ‘Dog Owner’, ‘Jet Setter’ or ‘Pizza lover’ for instance you can quickly capture attention, helping boost engagement.

Whistl’s group of businesses has expertise in addressed mail and door drop media, which allows true insight into how to create impactful and responsive postal campaigns.

From a targeting perspective, if you don’t have the addresses of the audience you need to reach, this isn’t a hurdle for your postal campaign. Partially Addressed Mail can also be planned by profiling and analysis of your existing customers’ locations to identify prospects, where individuals of similar to your customers might live.

With partially addressed may, you benefit from a lower cost of delivery, as a profiled data schedule as outlined above, is much cheaper than buying the personalised consumer data used in traditional direct mail campaigns. This can mean if you create the right audience insights for your mailing schedule you can improve your return on investment.

Further cost savings can be made by simply removing the postcodes and existing customers that don’t meet your campaign criteria. This process minimises wastage and improves the impact due to message relevance.

Partially addressed mail makes reaching more new customers on a budget much easier. With Posthub, part of the Whistl group you benefit from all the sophisticated profiling of geo-demographic targeting without all the data restrictions of GDPR – it’s a win-win solution for marketers.

Benefits of Partially Addressed Mail

Reach: Partially addressed mail is shared. For every 100 people reached with partially addressed mail, an additional 10 people will see your mail item. That’s only 3% less than Direct Mail.

Longevity: With partially addressed items being kept in the home for just over a week (7.20 days) they have the opportunity to create more impact.

Engaging: Partially addressed items are engaging and are interacted with almost four times, over a 28 day period.

Interaction: A range of content can be used to prompt physical interactions for brand awareness and sales opportunities including:

  • Invitations
  • Information
  • News and Articles
  • Notifications and Reminders

Lifespan: Business mail remains in the home for an average of 7.2 days, which is marginally less than direct mail at 7.69 days.

Research source: JICMAIL

Read Bio-Gard's case study from our parent company Whistl, showing how they effectively improved customer reach and response rates with partially addressed mail. 

JICMAIL have created a downloadable 7 Essential Insights booklet to show customer behaviour on receipt of Partially Addressed Mail, helping offer insight for campaign planning.

Download PAM's 7 Essential Insights Booklet

Interested in a Partially Addressed Mail campaign?  At Posthub we offer complete support from initial enquiry to delivery.


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