What is Mail Management

January 2021

What is Mail Management:

Mail Management is the process undertaken by a logistics specialist or delivery management company that helps with business mail. From the planning and data health, through to the required software required to sort items correctly and also provide accountable mail delivery support.

Why choose Posthub for your Mail Management:

Posthub is focused on providing mailing solutions to support you and your business. With nearly 100 years of combined experience in the industry, the Posthub team will seamlessly and confidently guide your mailing campaign through the entire postal journey from planning to delivery. Our client-focused experts will simplify the complexity of your data and mail requirements to give you the best customer experience.   

Posthub, being part of the Whistl Group we have access to a wide range of mailing services and networks for postal services, parcel deliveries, and even unaddressed door drop media. Whatever you are looking to deliver and wherever you need it to go - we have a service to support your business.

Mail Management for the UK and International reach:

Whether sending direct mailings within the UK or Internationally, our mail management processes focus on the entire journey of your postal items. From the initial mailing brief through to the items final delivery. Posthub's mail management service ensures items are correctly processed to full Royal Mail or the relevant International carrier’s specification, so everything is correct before postal items are handed over for the final mile delivery, to the scheduled recipients. 

Posthub offers experienced account management and expertise for each stage of the direct mail process.

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