Are your marketing campaigns truly sustainable?

October 2020

Print media spend is the third largest in the world but what affect is it having on the environment? 

“Go digital”, “Paper-free”, and “Save Trees” are messages we see often as many businesses urge their customers to switch to online transactions and communications. But how true are the eco benefits of ‘going online’? 

We’re being told that going online is better for the environment than traditional, print and paper-based communication. But it is very difficult to make such claims without considering and recognising that electronic communications also have an impact on the environment.

At the time of writing, more than 500 of the world’s largest organisations have been found to be using greenwash statements in their communications. Approximately 70% of these businesses have since removed their misleading statements after being challenged by Two Sides

Whistl and partners, Two Sides, produced a report on the myths and facts following research conducted in date, to look at the impact of print and paper communications. Take a look at some of the content below or download the full report here

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