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June 2023

Mail as a channel is more attention efficient than other media platforms. JICMail's year-long study  'The Time We Spend With Mail' reveals the time spent looking at media vs the media channel's cost. With such an attention-efficient channel, mail should be a real consideration for your media plans. 

The year-long measurement program has seen JICMAIL roll out complete attention measurement across its monthly panel of 1,000 households (capturing time-spent metrics for Business Mail, Direct Mail, Door Drops, and Partially Addressed Mail). At the same time, the AI-driven video analytics company Lifestream has provided directly observed mail attention data to validate the panel findings, while PwC  has scrutinised the mail efficiency calculations JICMAIL has generated to compare the delivery of time spent to other media channels.
Key findings include:

  • The average Direct Mail item generates 108 seconds of attention across 28 days; Business Mail 150 seconds; Partially Addressed 64 seconds; and Door Drop 46 seconds.

Time spent with Mail.JPG

  • Lifestream data validated the findings with in-home video analytics of the core JICMAIL panel. 
  • With an x2 to x3 multiplier for time spent, Mail has excellent commercial effectiveness, and Door Drop Media ranks exceptionally well with an x3 to x5 multiplier. 
  • The commercial effect of mail items has seen a range of actions, including purchases, footfall, discussions and voucher redemptions. Most notably, however, Mail generates considerable digital attention for brands' owned channels: the average mail item that prompts advertiser website visits does so for five minutes a session on average.
  • Mail attention data is now available on an ongoing basis via JICMAIL – measurable across 1,000 households and over 10,000 mail items measured monthly by Kantar. Key mail advertisers can assess the time consumers spend with their Mail and the standard JICMAIL metrics of reach, frequency and mail lifespan.

Download the report 

We’re delighted that JICMAIL has managed to provide a definitive view on the time spent with mail, plus additional insights into the planning factors most strongly linked to high mail attention. Triangulating in on the truth using multiple data sources is an important step in contemporary media research, and it’s been a great validator of the core JICMAIL panel methodology to see how closely aligned it is with observed video-analytics data.

Ian Gibbs, JICMAIL’s Director of Data Leadership and Learning

Attention is a ‘hot topic’ for all planners, we were determined with this work for Mail to find its rightful place in these considerations. The results in this report are stunning, deserving high attention from planners across the disciplines. The journey of mail around the home accumulates un-paralleled levels of largely solus time spent with mail, triggering multiple minutes across the marketing funnel and offers the prospect of a high attention effectiveness multiplier. Rewarding the time spent with mail is now a key planning metric!

Mark Cross, JICMAIL’s Engagement Director

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