JICMAIL Q3 2021 Results: Record levels of digital activity

February 2022

JICMAIL Q3 2021 results reveal mail items reached a tipping point with record levels of digital activity driven by Direct Mail, Doordrop Media and Business Mail. The lion share of this effect was seen after mail items were received and consumers took action with their tablets or smartphones to go online.

  • Year on year increase of 11% 
  • Two-year growth trend increase of 41%

JICMAIL’s diary-based data is captured from a panel of one thousand households every month revealed that in Q3 2021:

  • The “new normal” in mail’s effectiveness at driving digital actions that surfaced in 2020, shows no sign of dissipating a year later.
    • 9% of mail drives consumers to advertiser websites
    • 6% to seek out new information about a brand online
    • 5% prompted consumers to look up their account details

Mail Creates Commercial Actions Q3 2021.PNG

  • Mail cemented its position in a multi-channel world, by driving record amounts of tablet and smartphone usage.
  • For the first time, the amount of mobile device usage prompted by mail exposure has outstripped the amount used to call advertisers directly.

Mail Device Interaction.PNG

  • Direct Mail with distinct customer-oriented creative content was been found to be highly effective at driving mobile usage (of which online banking is a large part).
    • 11% of Direct Mail containing appointment-related information drives mobile usage
    • Direct Mail containing product notifications and reminders drives a similar level of mobile effectiveness
  • Volumes on the JICMAIL panel continue to increase as the market rebounds from the pandemic, with Doordrop Media as the stand out growth channel
    • 18% increase in volumes year on year.

A rebound in travel and tourism activity in the summer months, plus telecoms sector activity drove this improved Doordrop position

  • Key mail media metrics tracked by JICMAIL remain broadly stable year on year.

Direct Mail Interaction.PNG

  • Each interaction represents a brand impression and points to the power of mail-in delivering the types of effects usually associated with traditional above-the-line channels.

Download the Q3 2021 Factsheet

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