JICMAIL Golden Insights of Direct Mail

October 2020

JICMAIL provides crucial research into direct mail campaign effectiveness and how consumer interactions. The research is taken from their research panel data across the period of Q2 2017 to Q3 2020. This research insight allows businesses and brands to understand how to get more from the channel and how direct mail is opened, read, kept and used by consumers in the home.

See below some of their golden insights and more understanding of the value direct mail can deliver.

Direct Mail creates strong audience reach and makes an impression

To understand the impact of direct mail, JICMAIL introduced impression-based media planning to the mail industry by measuring:

  • Reach: how many people see and share a mail campaign
  • Frequency: how many times a mail pack is interacted with

Based on this understanding of reach and frequency Direct Mail typically generates around X5 times the number of opportunities for a message to be seen versus how many mail items are delivered. This makes the overall audience reach wider than media planners previously believed and shows direct mail can provide more opportunities for companies to create stronger brand engagement, brand interactions and sales.

Direct Mail Media Metrics.PNG

Mail drives consumer behaviours throughout the customer journey

The consumers’ behaviour and last interaction from receipt of mail activity are typically measured, with items delivered against campaign response. In addition to this behavioural activity, JICMAIL data gives insight into direct mail’s effects in driving consumer behaviours across the purchase funnel - including online journeys.

Direct Mail Commercial Actions.PNG

Direct Mail is resilient 

Even during the COVID lockdown period, consumers interaction with direct mail increased with many households spending more time with the mailings they received.

Mail is resilent in a global pandemic.PNG

Direct Mail is not age bias, even younger audiences interact with Mail

Typically advertisers have looked at other channels to communicate to younger audiences, therefore the frequency of item receipt is lower than the all adults base. As a channel direct mail should not be ignored when looking to reach this audience. Young adults aged 17-34 see direct mail items as a valuable channel, keeping them for over 10 days. 2020 shows that the items they received saw an increase in responsiveness. 

Young audience interact with mail.png

Young audience respond to direct mail.png

Visit JICMAIL's golden insights page to read more on the effectiveness of direct mail and the full list of their ten insights.

Source: JICMAIL Item Data Q2 2017 – Q3 2020 Direct Mail

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