JICMAIL Essentials

July 2022

How JICMAIL Essentials can help

Find out how many people can you expect your mail campaign to reach:

  1. How cost-efficient your campaign will be
  2. What impact your campaign will have on your business
  3. What do creative best practice looks like for mail campaigns
  4. How to create scenarios for A/B testing to optimise mail campaign performance

Along with standard response and acquisition measures, JICMAIL Essentials provides a view of the broader impact of mail. Campaign reach and frequency will dictate how many impressions your mail will generate. Impressions are media planning measures usually attributed to above-the-line channels like TV and Out of Home. Each impression generates an opportunity to be exposed to your business’s brand name, maximising the chance of your mail having an effect on consumers beyond driving an immediate sale.

How to use JIMAIL Essentials

Log in to the portal with your email address and use the menu options to select:

  • Industry sector
  • Mail type
  • Target audience 
  • Objective

Use the slider options to select campaign budgets and mail volumes.

Watch a user guide videoClick here to visit the portal 

View campaign performance across a number of key metrics:

  • Total campaign reach refers to the total number of people who will see your campaign – both within and outside of your target audience selected (i.e. other people in the household). Campaign Reach = Number of Mail Items x Item Reach (Inside and outside of your target audience).
  • Total campaign impacts represent the total number of impressions or opportunities you have to deliver your advertising message. Campaign Impacts = Campaign Reach x Audience Frequency (i.e. the number of times an audience interacts with a mail item on average)
  • Efficiency: this helps users understand the cost efficiency with which mail delivers advertising impacts (or impressions) to key target audiences
  • Conversions: the number of consumers or customers who will be delivered against your key commercial objective
  • Acquisitions: the number of purchasers you can expect from your campaign. This figure should only be compared to a JICMAIL measured campaign response figure and is not comparable with other measurement methodologies.
  • Engagement: the proportion of direct mail that is opened or door drops that are read
  • Attention: an indicator of the potential attention that can be prompted by your campaign - expressed in terms of mail longevity.

Further detail on the JICMAIL methodology can be found here: Discovery guide

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