2022 DMA Annual Door Drop Report

June 2022

The DMA has released their latest annual report on the state of door drops and its position in the wider marketing mix.

The figures collated for the report are from January to December 2021, representing a snapshot of how the door drop industry performed last year – and comparing it back over the last five years.

The report has been restructured following a new partnership with JICMAIL and the DMA’s industry data, delivering even stronger industry insights, and offering the most accurate and detailed picture of the UK door drop market.

Though the report covers an unpredicted period of change from the pandemic, the figures in this report also show the key role door drops have played in engaging and informing consumers during these challenging times.

DMA annual report highlights include: 

  • The number of items homes received in 2021 returned to some form of post-pandemic normality (2.5 door drops received per household per week).
  • Leaflets in 2021 represented 86.7% of the volume, Envelopes 7.3%, Booklets 6.0%
  • The average weight of each item to 20.64g.
  • Spending on door drops and the volume of door drops sent increased following a pandemic impacted 2020.
  • The door drop share of the total mail market has strengthened: up from a 20% share in 2020 to 23% in 2021.
  • The average door drop was shared with 1.05 people per household (Item Reach),
  • The average person in the UK interacts with the average door drop 3.1 times a month.
  • Upmarket ABC1 audiences now interact with the average door drop more than those in the C2DE social grade.

Download our one-page summary of the report

Posthub DMA Snapshot Stats 2022 Door Drop Report.PNG

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