An online tool for localised leaflet distribution

What is Leafletdrop?

Leafletdrop is an easy to use, online tool, developed by the Whistl Group and is helping businesses raise awareness, promote services and increase their customer base. 

With Leafletdrop you access to over 28 million residential homes in the UK,  and you have the ability to effectively target your audience and book your campaign in minutes. Even if you don't have the items printed, Leafletdrop can offer you this service to allow you to create your first local door drop campaign or a returning customer for regular campaigns. 

Leafletdrop is designed with small to medium businesses in mind and creates cost-effective advertising campaigns to improve your companies return on investment.

How Leafletdrop Works

Leafletdrop can give you access to almost all UK residential homes. Your business has the ability to create an entire advertising campaign from your desktop and get a leaflet distribution and print price instantly. The whole process is managed from this point by the Leafletdrop team, from the printing of the items (if required) right through to the final delivery of the items to your targeted delivery schedule, by the Royal Mail. Your campaign items are delivered alongside any post that that home was due to receive that day.

Leafletdrop: The Complete Leaflet Distribution Solution

  • Targeted leaflet distribution: With a unique campaign targeting tool, you can easily identify the geographical areas where your audience is most likely to engage and respond to your campaign. 
  • High-quality leaflet printing: If you need a print service, Leafletdrop has the options for different paper formats, types and paper stocks including double-sided, four-sided, A4, A5, A6 and DL leaflets.
  • Leaflet design: With an experienced team of leaflet designers, we can ensure your leaflet campaign stays on-brand, is fit for purpose and creates engagement. 

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